Carey Presbyopia Glasses - Ultra light and flexible

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  • COMFORTABLE AND RESISTANT: Their studied design and light weight guarantee great comfort, even if you wear them all day. Very durable as they are made with high quality materials. FREE hard case
  • ULTRALIGHT MATERIAL : The glasses use TR90, which in comparison to other options such as acetate frames or those made with plastics. 85% of the TR90's composition is nylon, a material that helps reduce loads on the nose and ears.
  • MULTIPLE USES: They are specially designed for reading and writing tasks, but they are also very useful for tasks that require more visual effort such as electricity, DIY, sewing, crafts and much more. Very practical to use with your mobile, computer or tablet. Ideal to have them at home or at work.
  • MODERN AND UNISEX DESIGN: Available in various colors so that you always go to the latest. Designs suitable for both men and women.
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Color: Purple
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Frame: Metal and tr90
Lenses: Aspherical and acrylic (pmma)
Packaging: Hard case for lens protection

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Nearly always between the ages of 40 and 45, presbyopia or eyestrain appears . The use of these glasses helps to improve these symptoms of eyestrain every day.

The use of reading glasses is common and finding the right ones becomes a challenge. Before purchasing these glasses, it is recommended to consult an ophthalmologist.

What is the TR90?

TR90, or Grilamid TR90, is a thermoplastic material first created at the Swiss company EMS. Initially it was a transparent granular polymer with some remarkable characteristics. These include low density, good chemical resistance, low moisture absorption, high distortion temperature, and incredible flexibility.

Its exceptional characteristics made it the perfect material for many purposes, including eyewear. In recent years, TR90 frame glasses are becoming incredibly popular for the superior benefits they offer.

Why is it good to use TR90?

1. light

The density of the premium quality TR90 material is between 1.14 and 1.15 kg/m3. At this density, they are even lighter than normal nylon! It makes them one of the lightest frames on the market, substantially taking the burden off your nose and ears from wearing your glasses all day.

2. Impact resistant

If you're not very confident with your grip and are guilty of frequently dropping things, then the TR90 goggles are for you! Since the material is flexible, it is much more resistant to damage than other frames. Rest assured that it won't break, bend or show a scratch no matter how many times you drop it.

3. High heat resistance

TR90 frames can withstand temperatures up to 400 degrees. They won't melt or burn no matter what you put them through.

It is advisable to support them in the middle of the nose (at the height of the nasal bridge), so that their placement does not prevent normal breathing.

The reading must always be done within the optical zone of the lens, avoiding wide movements of the eye, in order to avoid dizziness or other unpleasant symptoms.

The product is completely harmless. However, in case of unlikely headaches, dizziness or discomfort, temporarily stop using the glasses and consult your ophthalmologist. A regular review by your ophthalmologist is recommended, especially when its use is tiring or you perceive any type of vision alteration.

In the event that the product, both the frame and the glass, become worn, it is advisable to replace it. Such wear will not affect the user's health, but is likely to affect their comfort.

cemefar®VISTA glasses are a Class I medical device.

The CE marking implies that this product, provided that it is used and maintained in accordance with the generally agreed codes of good practice and the recommendations of the instructions for use, complies with the essential health and safety requirements established by Directive 2007/47/ CEE and Royal Decree 1591/2009 of the Ministry of Health. In addition, this product also complies with the provisions of the UNE-EN 14139 standard.

A 2-year manufacturing defect breakage guarantee is offered.

cemefar®VISTA glasses are a means to correct the defect of, exclusively, simple presbyopia. They are intended for near vision and reading only and incorporate a pair of single vision lenses of equal power.

Only regular eye exams by an ophthalmologist or optometrist can determine your vision needs and eye health.

Not suitable for driving or operating vehicles. Not suitable for distance vision. Not suitable for use as eye protection.

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Color: Purple
Diopters: +1.00
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Carey Presbyopia Glasses - Ultra light and flexible

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