VITAMINA C-OLWAY | Pura Vitamina C
VITAMINA C-OLWAY | Pura Vitamina C
VITAMINA C-OLWAY | Pura Vitamina C
VITAMINA C-OLWAY | Pura Vitamina C

Vitamin C-olway | Pure Vitamin C | 100 caps

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  • COLLAGEN SYNTHESIS: Efficiently supports the processes of collagenogenesis in the body
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM: Helps maintain the proper functioning of the immune system; 100 capsules per box. 1 capsule provides 250 mg of natural and left-handed vitamin C; 250% of the recommended daily intake.
  • HELPS LOSE WEIGHT: People with an adequate level of vitamin C oxidize 30% more fat.
  • ANTIOXIDATION: Protects cells from oxidative stress and helps reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue.
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We get Vitamin C directly from nature, from buckwheat sprouts and bitter orange. These two plants are currently considered one of the most valuable sources of this vitamin, due to their high bioavailability and their excellent flavonoid bonds.

The cutting-edge Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen , which maintains healthy blood vessels, bones and skin.

Regular use of vitamin C will not only lead to smoother and more radiant skin, but also and above all will support your immune system and metabolism , as well as reduce the feeling of tiredness and fatigue . so it will improve your general well-being and help you lose weight.

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VITAMINA C-OLWAY | Pura Vitamina C
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