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SELENAtec® technology

SELENAtec® consists of several layers. The number of layers and the type of materials used depend on the respective product. The inner layer transports moisture. In the next layer, it is absorbed, so there is no discomfort. This first layer also has an antibacterial protection that prevents the proliferation of bacteria and prevents the formation of unpleasant odours. On top is a form-fitting, breathable protective membrane, while the outer layer made of skin-friendly material ensures high wearing comfort.


SELENACARE menstrual underwear not only looks beautiful and is comfortable to wear; Thanks to the exclusive SELENAtec® multi-layer technology, our reusable menstrual underwear, which can hold up to 25 ml of liquid, is also highly absorbent and keeps you dry. At the same time, the integrated antibacterial protection and the breathable material prevent unpleasant odours.