Bilore, a soap brand with history

Bilore is a brand of soaps and perfumery products whose origins date back to the end of the 19th century in Ordizia
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bilore today

Few commercial brands can claim to have been present for more than a hundred years in much of the nation's homes, and Bilore is one of them. Therefore, today we return to the spirit of this great centenary brand, which is why we start from a genuine and authentic way of doing things through which we managed to create top-of-the-line soaps and we add all our concern, the idea of ​​research as a almost daily challenge, which has allowed us to carry out cutting-edge studies of our laboratories, investment in high technology and the desire to provide constant solutions for better and more efficient sanitation.
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Innovation, sustainability and quality

Advanced technology, research, innovation and respect for the environment define each and every Bilore product. So first of all, one of our goals is to preserve the quality of life and the protection of the natural environment, secondly we understand that investment in the R&D department and in modern machinery is the fastest and safest way to obtain efficient soaps to achieve optimum sanitization for both industrial, domestic or personal use. And thirdly, but not least, make people's lives easier.
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In order to give the best of ourselves, we have managed to design a whole range of soaps that, in addition to being efficient and of quality, are respectful of the planet. Enter the world of Nuevo Bilore and discover first-hand all our products. We have the latest technology in machinery for the development of each of the production lines. We have a wide range of Bilore products for industrial and domestic cleaning.
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