Care Panties Selenacare

Taking care of Selenacare menstrual panties is very simple. Here is some helpful information on some of the questions you may have:

Washing and Conservation

What is the first thing I should do after using my panties?
This is the key! Once used, at the end of the day, rinse them with cold or lukewarm water to evacuate all the blood inside. It is best to avoid hot water, which tends to "cook" the blood and therefore bind it to the fibers of the absorbent part.
What to do after rinsing it with cold water?

You have three possibilities:

  • Wash it by hand and dry it, so you can use it again during the week.
  • Let it dry and wash it in the next wash.
  • Put it in the washing machine at 30° with the rest of the clothes.
Any advice to keep my panties as absorbent as possible?

Washing is an important part. Here are some tips to keep your period panties in perfect condition.

  • Wash the panties at a maximum of 40° to avoid damaging the waterproof part and the rubber.
  • Use a wash bag to protect fabrics and lace from the textures of other types of clothing (3 panties maximum in a wash bag).
  • Use liquid detergent with less than 15% fatty agents, to avoid saturation of the absorbent fibers.
  • From time to time, soak your menstrual panties in warm water with a little white vinegar to purify the tissues.
What shouldn't I do?

Our menstrual panties don't go very well with:

  • The softeners (these saturate the fibers and make the panties less absorbent)
  • The bleach (which could damage fabrics and elastics)
  • The heat, such as from a dryer or from direct contact with the heater (can damage the waterproof part)